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Hi Amy on Letter Monsters

February 17, 2009 — 3 Comments

Flickr user JOEYBLOG made an alphabet in the shape of monsters to help his son learn it. Pretty cute and fun! I made myself a wallpaper.

hi amy wong - letter monsters

Five Years Blogging!

February 10, 2009 — 3 Comments

Woah~ I was just checking my Google Calendar, and holy! I saw “First Blog Anniversary” on February 13th – at first, I didn’t remember what I was talking about, but then I clicked on it and said “First blog published, 2004 on Flash”. And finally got it! Remember it!!! LOL’ And actually, I’m so good at keeping track of my stuff now, that I have a screencapture of what I was FIVE years ago.

Amy's first blog - Feb2004 - 5th Anniversary

I’m even a little ashamed. LOL – I made a quite-tacky-Flash-based ‘blog’ because I was taking Flash in Vancouver (I got a pretty good grade, btw). I remember the first post ever was to say that I had posted a review for 50 First Dates, and The Corporation. Of course I kept reviewing films, and it became tedious to handle all that data in Flash at the time without XML. Then I made one with XML, but still… I ended up with a HTML version just a few months later.

And just for the sake of it, this is my first online portfolio – made also 5 years ago (but finished and uploaded in June).

Changed? xD

Awarded Movie Watched List

January 27, 2009 — 2 Comments

Last year was a particularly good year for me to watch films. Why? Well, compared to the previous year, in which many or most of the films nominated were still on my ‘to-watch’ list, this year I’ve done all my movie watching before Oscar was announced.

Oscar Ballot 81st - Watched

Orange = Dying to watch~~

Less than a month to Oscar, 4 films I’m dying to see~~ *cross fingers*

Sholly: In your Eyes…

January 24, 2009 — 1 Comment

Aha… to commemorate eh… the first, and tomorrow’s second episode of The L Word.

Sholly! xD

I just liked the letter Molly wrote… Jenny reading it? Not so much. But it was a good letter. Also, 3 captures of Clementine Ford, the part just right after Jenny tells Molly Shane’s fucking Nikki at the Chateau. *rolls eyes*
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Meet Joe Black

January 3, 2009 — Leave a comment

I got a little help for the “Best Kisses” list which I haven’t worked on in… a year? They reminded me of Meet Joe Black. I remember the day I saw Meet Joe Black – I was in high school, and had gotten terribly sick, so I rented a couple of films. I always thought I had fallen asleep in the middle of the film due to my illness, years later I found out that I always dozed off in the same part~~ LOL However, it IS an interesting film…

Anyway, Meet Joe Black is the HOTTEST I’ve seen Brad Pitt, plus the peanut butter scene… peanut butter will never be the same after this film. But the peanut butter has nothing to do with this Best Kiss.

Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani kiss… what? Twice? But that scene… that LONG scene of them just sort of hovering around each other, then giving a little kiss, and Forlani taking his shirt off to ‘make love’ to Death. And Death is a virgin… and there’s dramatic music~~ and nice bright light.

Thanks to BradFans.Net for the captures. Some simple graphics after the break…
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