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Yu Aoi - 2009 - Rookie of the Year Award CeremonyRookie? LOL’ I don’t think she’s a ‘rookie’ perse but okay… I’ll take it!

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan has named Yu (in the fields of Media and Fine Arts) their Rookie of the Year Award (Movies).

On why they are giving this award to her, they talk about her debut on the Shunji Iwai film All About Lily Chou Chou, and her steady career throughout the years mentioning Hula Girls. They also mention her work on One Million Yen Girl the past year, as well as her natural talent. Finally, they close their paragraph saying that Yu’s future is expected with much anticipation.

Or something like that…

Also named there in the field of Public Art, Shiina Ringo!!!! Like… Rookie?? Again~~

Sorry, no photos~~

*update March 30th* – Added a photo from Yu’s site.

*update May 20th* – Added a link to video. Check it out after the break…

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Meh~ screencapped my other ones as well…

LivingSocial: Books

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I interrupt all those BackStreet Boys posts to show you my Facebook album/music application… I’m not an apps whore. I do not add every single application and ‘nifty’ test I get send by my friends. In fact, I almost always block everything now. Because I’m a bitch like that… LOL’ I do, however, have a couple of applications I always use… mainly Music, Movies, Books, and TV… the seldom Flickr one and those are pretty much that from public applications. I also use a travel application, but that’s estrictly for myself…

Anyway… here it goes~~~

LivingSocial: Albums - TuneSocial

I know you’re there… the Sholly posts keep getting hits, and they are only 2nd to that Child Actors post I made a while back. LOL’

So stop the lurkin’ already, and comment a little…

We just saw Ep06, and we’re just two weeks away from finishing this exasperating season, but hey! You saw that photo of Molly, right? The one Shane was developing… you loved it, right? ‘Coz everytime there’s a glimps of Clementine Ford in one of the latest episodes, Sholly searches spike a little. As do Katherine Moennig and Clementine searches~~

Some may think that cheating is catching up to Shane, and that’s what made her sick. I, on the other hand, think Jenny is wack. She totally did something to Shane, hahaha. And if she didn’t, well… that ‘good’ gesture she did by giving Shane the Photo Studio – that totally smells to ‘strings attached’. And Shane’s totally trapped.

Screencaps after the break.

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Me @ J-MELO Site

February 22, 2009 — Leave a comment

xD – Just found me, while looking for times at the NHK Premium website – yes, ‘coz I still haven’t figured out if I will be able to see Yu talk about that book I mentioned posts behind… – not sure it will air in NHK Premium. What I did find, however, the times that Top Runner airs~~~

Wednesdays 6am GMT-5 – if you recall… Top Runner had Yu a while back. Check back on it here.

But yeah, on the J-MELO business… I emailed them once to thank them for the Miyavi introduction, as well as the Kobukuro one~~ And being the geek that I am, I sent a picture coz there was a field~ xD – I wonder if they ever read my email on the air… hahaha.

Me at the J-MELO website gallery~