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Carey Mulligan Searches~

August 26, 2009 — 1 Comment

There’s been a sudden search for Carey Mulligan on this site, and now I know why. However, I’m not going to be talking about it because it deals with her personal life, and to be honest… why was this important? Not that she’s not important, it’s just the whole who she is/might/not might be dating.

Yes, I know. I’m being a hypocrite, but I’ve been trying to cut down on gossip on some actors and actresses.  Plus, you should all be focusing in the fact that she is still leading (until aug 24th) the Lead Actress race for the Oscar! And not because she’s been photographed with this actor, and all the fangirls are searching for the competition xD

You should just be approving. LOL
Just watch the An Education Trailer~

Best Actress - Carey Mulligan

City Stories Shorts

August 25, 2009 — 2 Comments

Film Independent (alongside Banana Republic, and Vanity Fair) are currently showing a series of shorts, and you can vote for your favorite (if you are in the US, and are interested in a Banana Republic giveaway).

I can’t vote… or I’m not eligible for voting, but I can vote… but I don’t want Banana Republic stuff in my inbox. Anyway, I liked a few of the shorts – which you can watch on this website – particularly the one titled Steps.


Written by Marissa Jo Cerar, and directed by Barney Cheng.

I also have a soft spot for Three Times Me (boys are icky, *laughs* xD), and Foolishly Seeking True Love – and was it me, or were these shorts over-using French?

Anyway, check them out~ and vote for your favorite… or you know, if you don’t want to be spammed by Banana Republic, you can just leave your comment here xD

I just noticed I can direct link to my LivingSocial:Albums on Facebook.
Babo me~ now if only they would allow embedding…

LivingSocial Albums

5 albums in Chinese, and loads of high-rated Asian albums. LOL
You can fully check it all out here.

You fuck around a lot. Don’t lie.
Checking your e-mail instead of working,
playing online games…
I even know people who watched DVDs instead of working on their finals…
or watched the stream of their favorite Korean variety show/novela~~~

These are my top5 time wasters… lately.

Lainey Gossip

1. Of course it is. Lainey and her wit. Her mom stories crack me up~~~ In the end, I spend far too much time reading this. Oh, Lainey! I had a dream about your blog last night – LOL, I was reading your blog and I saw a post where you said that we should watch (500) Days of Summer together if I was in town. Buahaha, I remember that because I woke up and cursed out loud.

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Today’s Updates~

August 17, 2009 — 1 Comment

My monitor is screwed up, and I dunno what’s wrong with it.
If it’s either the screen, the connection or the CPU~

Every time I shut down the system, it takes ages for it
to recognize the monitor again… so the screen goes on power save mode.

Also, as you may have noticed… or not~ “Featured” space is changed,
though that’s created its own problems… looks good on my browser,
but how about yours?

I’m attaching a screencap of how it looks on my browser,
so you can see how it’s supposed to look, if it doesn’t look like that~
please screencap, and let me know what browser you are using.

I am cheating on Internet Explorer (compatibility button on)
, because frankly I haven’t used it
in such long time, and you shouldn’t either. LOL

Firefox 3.5.2

Screencap - Firefox

I.E 7

Screencap - Explorer