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Just got a box full of cookies my friend made and sent over~
it is indeed Fried Rice Day. LOL

I’m totally all over this.


And of course it’s a $2200 special order. LOL
check out some more photos and info over at

It’s currently sold out, but I miss kids riding these. Now all they do is ride those battery mini-cars (some of them are cute, though xD), or just ride those Fisher Price plastic tricycles… or just play video games. LOL


Check it out at James Perse’s site.

Stockholm Icebar

November 2, 2009 — Leave a comment


NOTCOT got a sneak peek at the Absolut Icebar re-design. I was talking about it with my dad this passed weekend — talking about the iced-shots and how they would melt in this weather, so I ended up mentioning the icebars, and then he said how the people would complain is cold. I told him there are coats, and then he said that those must be stinky. HAHAHA.

I dunno why, but for about a month or so I’ve been wanting to make iced-shots and making drinks. Not drinking them (okay, maybe to taste), but making them.

I need to get myself shot-shaped-ice-makers =D I liked this one. Like them better than this version, I think. Plus, photographing those must be fun! And daring!

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