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Yu with braces!!!

Ok… moving on~~ Portugirl is in my hands!! Or actually, on my desk now, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing. HMV Japan is pretty good~ even though they delayed my order, they sent it 5 days ago and it’s here already! And considering I don’t get Free Shipping with YesAsia anymore… also noticed? Prices are higher in YesAsia now, for example Portugirl would have cost $20ish bucks more with them. Should you be doing YesAsia now?

Anyway! Here it is!!!

Yu Aoi - Portugirl

Proper fan-ish review, after the break~~~ For a ‘pro’ review, you’ll have to wait. LOL

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Of course that’s rotation. LOL’ The story is that remote, I need. You have no idea how many photos were of me touching the floor or about to jump because I couldn’t calculate when I should jump.

Comments are welcomed here. I’ve got another one that turned out very Kpop, but that one I’m ashamed to show it off online… or with people that I don’t know. Hahahaha.

Ao Akua arrived this afternoon! – Book is the cutest thing ever. LOL’ Tinier than I expected really~~

Juri Ueno - Ao Akua - Cover

Though, I don’t love this PB as much as I love A Piacere, mainly because I was a tad bit disappointed on the photographs. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few great shots, but a lot of snap shots too~~ What I love about this one? I like the concept, and the fact that there’s a companion DVD.

More after the break.

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Yes, I hurt my knee doing this, but still~~ was kinda fun. What you think?

I also need to get a remote control for my Nikon D70s, anyone has any good suggestion as to what I should get? It’s hard figuring out when the timer will go off, jump and get a good shot… also, going back and forth from camera to spot to jump – so NOT FUN.

Comment me here, xD

I felt inspired, I had these in my computer for a while and finally decided to do something with them. I also recently found out that (thank you for the photos) had a link to Jodelle’s ‘official’ blog… which happens to be a wordpress blog. Major cool points for that, ‘coz she could’ve gotten one for Blogger, or *le gasp* LiveJournal? LOL’

Two 1680×1050 wallpapers after the break.

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