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More updates from Ivan Simeon~
and in case you’ve missed them~~~
The New Green Deal
and… “the assassin

Juri Ueno - Myth and Realities by Ivan Simeon

Isn’t that hot? xD
That’s a hot photo, Juri can probably grab the shovel
and hit me in the face with it, at the same time she would
be making me laugh~~~

More photos below the break~

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T.O.P on Elle Korea

August 20, 2009 — 10 Comments

Sorry, no photographer credit.
Will post more when/if I do get one~

but if you’re lucky… you can check more photos over Julz~
Pimp back! Hellz yeah~

T.O.P - Big Bang - Elle Korea

More photos from the photoshoot added, no credits yet!
Seriously, K-Pop fans… really? xD

and from another old photoshoot for Elle~
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Crazy good looking photo by Yu Tsai.

Evan Rachel Wood by Yu Tsai

What’s the deal with Wood? Oh, man… I used to be a big fan during her Once and Again days, I even rented that Little Secrets movie (with David Gallagher whom I had the biggest crush on… and ultimately dated Poor Man’s Angelina Megan Fox *eek!*, and Michael Angarano… who now dates Kristen Stewart (?)) – Anyway, I was a big fan when Thirteen came out… I was in Vancouver and I got to see it in theaters! LOL’ I thought I had seen the best shit ever, xD – I even own it on DVD… and then they came, the Lolita roles~ one after the other, I just got sort of bored of it.

Pretty Persuasion, Upside of Anger, Down in the Valley, Running with Scissors (with Ryan Murphy, Gwyneth and Mary Cherry! LOL) – but I got tired.
And the whole Marilyn Manson business, with the VonTeese look. Tiring.

However, in 2007 she did King of California (with Michael Douglas), The Life Before her Eyes (with Uma) and Across the Universe, which I thought were pretty okay, so I got interested again. Add to that, The Wrestler and I’m sold.

ANYWAY, enough crap talk. Some more photos below the break.

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Tsk, Tsk~ Photoshop…

August 17, 2009 — 2 Comments

I am a geek!
I use Photoshop like crazy.

Nowadays, I take loads more photographs than my student days, but to be honest, I hate re-touching photographs to get rid of wrinkles… or how I like to call them, expression lines.

I love funny faces, big smiles… but then again, I also delete minor things like distracting marks (if it’s too distracting) and choose over-exposed for light purposes, as well as soft light to decrease the hard shadows that make wrinkles pop out~ after all, women don’t like to see their wrinkles

black and white also works wonders~

one of the reasons why I love this photo of Heidi Klum, though this photo of Marion Cotillard is also a good one of a different type~ and just for the sake of crazy good looking faces, here’s Carmen Kass.

and Greta Garbo during her 1945 days~ I’ll love you forever, Greta xD

Anyway, what’s up with this post you say?

Well, photographer Peter Lindbergh speaks a bit about on this article by The New York Times – Smile and “Say No Photoshop” –  and I have some pics to illustrate his views… of not-retouched models! *legasp!*

“My feeling is that for years now it has taken a much too big part in how women are being visually defined today,” Mr. Lindbergh said in an e-mail exchange. “Heartless retouching,” he wrote, “should not be the chosen tool to represent women in the beginning of this century.”

Cindy Crawford by Peter Lindbergh

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Juri Ueno - Shiseido Cosmetics

Wet hair, that is…
minds of the gutter, s’il vous plait~

You can check all hi-res photos over here.