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Yo, to mix things up a little bit, I’ve decided to add some little spice.

Ines Efron by Axel Chaulet
photo by Axel Chaulet, via Flickr

Placing #9, there’s Ines Efron. Born in 1985 in Argentina – shot to fame when she played Alex on XXY, as a 15-year-old kid struggling with the issues of being intersexual. The movie was good, but her choice of role is what sets her apart from among her Latin American peers.

She’s steadily worked on films like Empty Nest, and was recently seen on The Fish Child, in which she takes part of a tragic love story between two girls of different social backgrounds.

As far as idols go, I don’t believe idols work in Latin America. Efron (no relation to Zac whatsoever xD) seems to be a serious actress, and the way she’s carried herself in different interviews seem to point toward that direction. Moreover, if she keeps up with her decision-making regarding her roles, we should only expect interesting stuff coming our way.

I decided to add Juri Ueno once and for all, well because Julz already spoiled my fun. LOL And just to make you look, I won’t tell you where I’ve placed Juri, you’ll have to check the list.

Just as Yu, Juri isn’t very known by your average person, unless you’re into jdramas and Japanese films – but once again, you so totally be watching her in whatever medium you can, or else~~~

Juri Ueno

Now, don’t get me wrong. You might be thinking she’s rude, but that’s only for this photoshoot. In fact, Juri Ueno is a ball of energy waiting to burst open. Quirky and off-beat, she’s mentioned that she’s grown up watching variety shows, and that she’s happy that there are roles for people like her, who don’t feel beautiful or “adorned”.

People like her? You mean, people with tons of personality and a lot of randomness?
Then, yes, please. We need more of you.

Even though Juri’s movie career has been a little on the erratic side of things – from the smallest of roles on Jozee, the Tiger and the Fish, to the awesomely funny Swing Girls, to the sort of bland Naoko, and the quirky GuGu the Cat – you just know that Juri has it. You only need to watch her interpretation of oddball pianist prodigy Noda Megumi on Nodame Cantabile and overlay it with her work as a motocross rider with identity issues on Last Friends. There is no broader acting range than that.

In interviews, she’s expressed a lot of interest in continuing working as an actor which will undoubtedly bring a string of new films (and dramas) that will keep us watching. Please, Juri! Keep on working! ^-^

wanna read more Juri Ueno?

I want to get over with this issue. If you visit the site, you already knew that I was going to add Yu Aoi to my list of Actors to Watch Until They’re 30, right? The issue here was which position I would place her… well, you’d be surprised to know that I didn’t place her on my #1, but she’s closed to it. She’s in fact #2 on my list based on the fact that not many people know about her outside the J-film watchers… but you (non Japanese film watcher) totally should.

Yu Aoi - Dandelion

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I was struggling on who to pick as my #10 Actress, but I finally saw Miao Miao, so I thought to give the spot to Sandrine Pinna (or Chang Yung Yung). It’s an interesting choice for me because I’ve only ever seen her on this one film, but I’ll trust my gut instinct on this one… after all, I couldn’t really resist her charm on the first 10min of the film.

Sandrine Pinna - Chang Yung Yung

*EDIT* I had to change the other image because
it turned out NOT being Pinna. LOL Forgive.

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I almost… >almost< write Ian. xD
Anyway! From Photographer Iain Crawford, here comes
a pretty sweet with paint collection of photos.

by Iain Crawford

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