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I was nutz over the poster I saw a while ago, coz it was oh so pretty. And now! Ooh la~~~~ Trailer!!!

WOWOW + Juri!!!! Exciting!!

As you know, I LOVED WOWOW’s Camouflage with Yu Aoi. *hearts* So the prospect of a WOWOW project with Juri (before she goes off to Europe to film more Nodame – Julz, this is your cue) is NUTZ. The current working title apparently is:
GI~TA~ KE~SU no Onna –> A Girl with a Guitar Case, but you know that could change just like Camouflage switched titles.

As you know, I liked Hito no SEKKUSU (Don’t Laugh at my Romance) and Hyakuman-en (One Million Yen Girl) which had WOWOW attached… of course that might had to do with Yu Aoi as well ~ but these prospects are the same. ^^


There’s a trailer out for Juri’s North India Documentary with NHK on the Jiji no e Tegami project, or Grandfather’s Letters… which in case you didn’t know~~~ Juri has a song for… (just like she has Onara Taisou for Nodame).

The documentary will be on NHK March 20th (Friday) from 8pm to 9.29pm (LOL, 29? haha… sorry). Set your clocks, and I will set my own time… 6am??? GOSH~

For more some photos and graphics, head over to Juri’s LJ community.

The trailer for Coco Avant Chanel, about the life of Coco Chanel starring Audrey Tautou has hit the net a few days ago. Me wants to see~~~ I need a little French push at the moment with so much Asian in my life.

Looks good, non? I’m surprised Lainey is not over all of this by now. LOL’ I thought she;d be, btu oh well~~

In light of all those “natalie portman oscar 2009” searches~~ which have been A LOT since yesterday – what’s up with that, by the way? -A Powerful Noise is a documentary following 3 women in Mali, Vietnam, and Bosnia-Herzegovina as they overcome their battles against ignorance, poverty, ethnic strife and oppression.

Well, Lainey did a short post on it;


I love her.

She’s involved, interesting, and interested. She’s smart. She’s sassy. She’s funny. She’s SO beautiful. And there’s a grace about Natalie Portman that is intoxicating.

She also does a brief mention to which I totally agree~~


Ryan Gosling >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Robert Pattinson.

‘Nuff said.

Feb 4

TOKYO! – in a City Near You!

Just a few months after some Hawaiian residents had a chance to catch TOKYO at the Hawaii International Film Festival, Liberation Entertainment brings TOKYO! to a city near… or at least nearer you this March. Below the break for more info~~

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