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Though I feel the trailer spoils the film a bit too much.
The only person who can answer this is Julz…
Does it?

I love Kore-eda’s work and sensibilities as a director. He always gets to me. And doe-eyed Doona Bae is always so good to see. Perfect to play a blow-up doll. LOL

*tingles* The newest look at Burton’s version of Alice.
Does it give you the chills?

By the way, have you checked SyFy’s miniseries version of Alice?
You will fall in love with Hatter. So… hawt. He will ask you to go
back to your world with him, and you just gotta say yes.

This does not compute.
Yu Aoi as a bride? LOL

Actually, film looks interesting (even without subs), though… random question~

Is Ryo Kase Koharu’s (Yu Aoi) friend or husband-to-be? I couldn’t make it out on the scene. And I know Nippon Cinema says it’s her friend, but their scene seemed too close to be just friends. Over-reading! You can tell I’m starving for a new film.

Also, aoinohoho has a video of the Otouto press conference.

There’s this thing about The White Ribbon Trailer, it knows who their target market is. It’s not one of those foreign film which you don’t know it’s foreign because the trailer is just pieces of images edited together with some background music to set the mood, and no dialog at all because they don’t want your regular Joe to know the film has subtitles.

In that sense, I like this trailer. I wanna watch. Soon.

I was never a huge fan of Toy Story,
mainly because I find Woody and Buzz very annoying…
they have their moments, but overall – not very likable to me.

But this trailer is so sad. xD

It’s so sad when we gotta grow up, and move on.
Think of Christopher Robin and Winnie Pooh!!!
Imaging having to tell someone you care that you
can’t come and see them again because they
must go on living. Aww, saddest.