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More fun educational stuff by They Might Be Giants,
because… Jurassic Park FTW!!! xD

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I know music videos is not that popular in here, considering how visits have dropped since I begun posting a few music videos this past week… but this brought back memories of school and chemistry classes. xD My teacher has his own Facebook group hahaha.

Ljósið = Light =D
another pretty music video~~~
beautiful music. xD

Also check 3055, gorgeous musical ending.
Can’t wait to listen to the whole album~

Another music video post!
You know, it’s “that” time of the year again.
I think VMAs are next week?

Perhaps I can do a “best 2009 music videos” post by the end of the year, so all I need is keep posting videos I find interesting xD with songs I find interesting. So here it is…

Just ran into this very cute music video – alert! Yma Sumac pop culture reference xD – really, I never thought I would have seen Yma Sumac named alongside Superman, but alas~~~ La Casa Azul (the blue house) has come up with the song (the new Yma Sumac) and this cute Cartoon Network-esque music video.

And they’ve made the original Spanish version, and a Japanese version! Though sounds wayyyyy cuter in Japanese. It’s the whole electro-cutesy pop vibe, you know? It just fits better with the voice.

you can check the Spanish version here, and
visit Cocoe Studios who were in charge of the animation~~~