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OK Go does Pythagora Switch (PITAGORA SUICCHI) on steroids… and other enhancing performing substances. Released on March 1st this year… single from the album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, the video was directed by James Frost.

But seriously, guys. This isn’t about the music, it’s all about the video. Possibly our contender for Breakthrough video of 2010~~~ I wonder if there will be any more awesome videos???

OMG, that Crowd Lu plush toy is the cutest thing!

Here’s some interesting info:

The animation work was made in Adobe After Effects. Each frame was then printed and the print was subsequently scanned back into the computer. The scanned frames were then assembled back into the original animation, now with a new rugged look, created by the visit in the physical analogue world. No effects added after scanning.

I have a love/hate relationship with Sondre Lerche’s music. My friend keeps telling me it should make me happy, but he doesn’t make me grin like an idiot like Crowd Lu does… which works for some people who don’t like to look like idiots while listening to music. LOL

Not my kind of music, but this makes me want to play Tetris.