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Mark Ronson featuring QTIP and MNDR.

I really enjoyed Ronson’s last album, and I think he’s a really great producer. However, I think he really dropped the ball with this song… or maybe I just don’t like his type of music any longer. Honestly, it’s been ages since I heard anything from him xD

But the French and Japanese? Sounds so weird.

Does anyone feel the video is so Liveman or Flashman? [why the 90’s ruled]

Directed by Irina Dakeva, this very 70-ish feel video is composed by around 200 watercolor images. Of course, the music had to come from Ed Banger Records, who gave us the kick-ass Justice D.A.N.C.E Video.

Cross-dressing in the military, leather-clad nun, and… that’s spandex, right? I dunno what I think about this video, it looks kinda good, but meh… everything is just okay. Song is bland.

Your thoughts?

When I heard the song, I thought it was good… but with the video — Man, I dunno if it’s because it’s chilly today, but it totally gave me the shivers. Even if NeoMinem looks a little too much like CGI.

I dunno what Eminem did to his face, but there’s a little quiver when he’s in that brick room rapping.

Hmm… could this be Best Old School music video?

I really like the high contrast on this one though.