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柴米油鹽醬醋茶 (Chai Mi You Yan Jiang Cu Cha), the first single of the just announced new album by Lee Hom Wang – probably out by the end of the month and titled 十八般武艺 (18 Types of Martial Arts?) – has just hit the net with a concept strikingly familiar to the first 15min. of Pixar’s UP.

Which… still kill me apparently. GOSH. Damn you, Leehom – you made me teary.

and the song, literally meaning “firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea” but it just names the simple “daily necessities”. At first listen, the songs seems average LHW style, but on following listening, it makes so much more sense… especially with the video.

There’s an English-subbed version courtesy of Leehom’s channel~

Starring singer/actress Cyndi Wang. Why?

“A music video always needs a beautiful girl!” said Jing.

In this MV Cyndi’s character decides to move homes after her boyfriend suddenly passes away. However, she is unable to forget her past love and returns to her old home in search of any memories. Jing is the new resident of Cyndi’s old apartment and so the two continuously pass by each other. On the other hand, Jing is slightly aware of the past memories held in this apartment. Out of the blue, while Jing is at a café, she draws a sketch of the unfamiliar, yet familiar girl.

via Aiya They Didn’t.

Check the LQ subtitled version here, courtesy of JingCastleSubs.

It’s like idols pee music videos in Asia… how long has it been since The Opposite Me, and Broken were released? Yeah, like two weeks? So it’s 3 singles with an album that just came out a week ago. Western musicians release around 4 singles throughout the whole run of their album.

I have been listening to Broken (Huai Le) non-stop.

This one’s for Bill~ thanks for the AI recommendation ;P

I have finally fallen in love with the song. It took a while~ Now, that Hitori janai kara/watashi ga kimi o mamoru kara kills me. The song is just so… uplifting. I think it might go great together with Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful. Once you hear it, you have to stand up and sing it out loud.

Here’s the okay-ish English lyrics.

I really like her FEAT AI album!
and her PASSION song kills me when she sings “Mira, mira / Watashi o mite”

I am beautiful… in every single way. Yeah, words won’t… bring me down~~~

The music is MEH~ but the stop-motion music video is pretty cool. A nominee for best Paper music video? xD

Earlier in the year I listened to one of Tsuchiya’s albums… I think it was Nudy Show? Anyway, I really dig her on Kamikaze Girls. I mean, she’s really funny in it. But Sakuran is okay… the album was okay-ish… and the music video included on the Kamikaze Girls dvd was very Alejandra Guzman to me.

I hope she doesn’t end up like Alejandra Guzman.

Anyway, here comes Tsuchiya’s new single – Atashi – after having her second kid… whom she called Simba (SHIMBA) LOL Too much Lion King. xD Lucky for the kid Tsuchiya didn’t decide on  Hakuna Matata.

Atashi is an okay song. I’m not too fond on the word “atashi” mainly because it’s used for I/Me for women. I remember one of my Japanese lessons, and my teacher (a guy only one year older than me) told me this, and I went “But WHYYY?” Because that’s how it works. BAWWWW~

There’s a motorbike on the video! LOL