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I’m gonna be honest with you. Kanon Wakeshima is not my type of music, her voice annoys me. However, I do find her video kind of pretty to look at… Lolita style is so visual. xD

And I do like when she plays the cello for like 2 seconds hahaha

I hate Kara as much as I hate SNSD — but that doesn’t keep me from singing along to Gee, okay? But I just found it funny that the video is of a Korean girl group doing a Japanese version of their song and their dance is all about shaking their money-makers. That somehow sounds all sorts of wrong.

By the way, you might have noticed that I’m actually posting more music videos, even if I don’t think much about them. Do you agree, or should I just post what I like? I think posting what I don’t like, and pointing out why I don’t like it would be a nice change for music discussion.

So…………… am I the only one thinking “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred.

At least in the first few seconds. LOL Right, you gotta admit that~

and the choreography. not warming up to c-pop dancing. Dance music is fine… it’s the dancing that gets to me. Like I said, there’s so many capable dancers in China/Taiwan… so graceful, so rocking. It’s just argh!

Ahhh… I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with BoA. Why? I know she can perform, I know she can dance… but for the love of me, I can’t stand most her pop music. My friend liked her a lot, and I wanted to like her… but I never could get into her.

Now, if only BoA and Hyori could make up one person. She’d be Queen of the world. LOL

Now, call me crazy and what not, but BoA with this blond hair, and wacky clothing. I swear to god, she looks exactly like Hyori in some of those shots. It’s crazy. I was even thinking to myself that it couldn’t be because “not all Asians look alike,” but GOSH. Anyway, not gonna say that I’m crazy about this video — I mean, compared to I Eat You Up which is a very silly song… Game lacks a bit of HMPH.

Seems like everyone’s making a comeback. What is it? Comeback year?

I’m all messy with my MV post titles – I usually put “original title pronunciation (with English translation)” it’s that way on my iPod anyway… but here, I post English titles sometimes because original titles are complicated, or sometimes just refer to them with their original titles because the English sounds silly.

I’m conflicted with Mad Love or Ai Fang. LOL

Anyway, I’m just posting Mad Love because I wanted to post Fu Xin Han — there you go, another example of naming. I just don’t know how to translate that xD Attached-Heart Man? See, that sounds a bit silly. However, the commercial pop video – I had a big discussion on commercial pop the other day – it looks promising for the cpop scene.

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