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This is the theme for Leehom Wang’s directorial debut Love in Disguise, premiering August Thursday 12th, right on time for the debut of his new album 18 Martial Arts… which I am already pre-ordering (plus, re-packaged Jing Chang’s album xD and other stuff from YesAsia… thankyouverymuch).

I feel the MV spoils the film though, but that’s just me. The song’s good, though.

5th single already? If you paid attention, I posted Jing Chang’s 4th single just a week ago.

Otherwise known as 義氣 (Yi Qi), referring to the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. Aiya They Didn’t is reporting Jing Chang will be releasing a re-packaged album by the end of the week (Aug. 13th), which will include:

  • 6 music videos [4 singles + Loyalty + 不再聯絡 (Bu Zai Lian Luo) – Lose Contact]
  • a Loyalty commemoration poster
  • a Mending card [is this Hao Le?]
  • and a birthday party invitation (????) xD

Not sure why this is a 5th single, since it’s not included in the copy I’ve listened of The Opposite Me, but it’s kind of a nice rock/dance song. Kinda weird… but I could dig.

I’m considering purchasing this re-packaged album. Seems like a good deal.

I swear to god, Asians release single after single. It’s been like 2 weeks? And BoA has already release this 2nd single… which is more dance, and I dig more than Game. I still think she looks potentially Hyori-ish with the blond hair, but I also think that this blond hair washes her out.

Having said that. BoA dances in here. She can’t still match that rocking choreography on I Eat You Up, but this one is more my flare. This is her forte.

When did Eminem get such good DPs for his music videos?

Anyway, new single from Eminem’s Recovery album. Man, what a recovery. I don’t even like Rihanna, but this song is pretty good… and I hate Megan Fox so so much, but this is her best role yet, because she doesn’t speak.

Also Dominic Monaghan is looking kinda hot… always been, but it’s just him, being an abusive asshole on the video, and with the CGI fire – LOL, there’s something to the character. But then again, Eminem is also kinda hot there, so maybe my hot-radar is skew… I still wonder what he did to his face… but still some quiver. People kill the quiver when they speak usually… I never read Eminem interviews or articles. xD

I think I might need to do a shame-f*ck list. LOL

What happened to MTV Breakthrough Videos?

The VMA nominations have been announced with Lady Gaga taking the lead with a record 13 nods (10 for Bad Romance, 3 for Telephone featuring Beyonce. Plus, 5 for Video Phone by Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga). Following that, Eminem with 8 nominations for I’m Not Afraid.

Gaga also makes a record by getting Video of the Year for Bad Romance, and Telephone. Plus, they were also nominated for Best Choreography alongside Video Phone – To make that clear, that’s 3 Lady Gaga related videos in the Choreography category. Like I said, Lady Gaga is pretty much the only thing worth keeping an eye out now.

Pink, or should I say Dave Meyers [I should really get to work on my Meyers Music Video Director post] who directed the video for Funhouse, was nominated for 2 VMAs including Best Directing and Best Editing. But you should really check out how fun Please Don’t Leave Me is. Wickedly twisted.

But here we are because of the Breakthrough category, because we all know that the Breakthrough category is the only category that is or could be potentially interesting. And here was the surprise… the most likely to win this year would be the one that won Video of the Year 2009 at the UK Music Video Awards. How outdated is that for the VMA?
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