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I’m not really a huge fan of Arcade Fire, but I do like their image and visuals. I like them enough to appreciate them, and enjoy their music enough to give their albums a go.

Ready to Start is an old school rock video shot in black and white.
It’s got great energy, and great visual contrast.

Christina Hendricks + Spaceships = Geeks dreams? xD

There’s a YouTube version, though there’s a region restriction (SUCK IT).

I didn’t love his debut, and I don’t love this song. However, we’re here to talk about the concept of his video. Obviously, this has tints of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and BackStreet Boys’ Everybody. And I could even argue it also has some 5ive’s Don’t Wanna Let You Go. It’s the whole mansion, goth, death thing going on, with choreography… which I’m down with.

I wish Taeyang had commited to the look. As it is now, it just looks like the girl wakes up from a wet dream, I mean… hot Taeyang is singing/whispering to her while she’s sleeping. In Thriller, MJ committed to the zombie look… in Everybody, Nick committed to the mummy look, Brian became a silly werewolf, Howie was a silly vampire, AJ was the Phantom, and Kevin was Mr. Hyde. Taeyang should’ve commited to a less-Taeyang look.

The choreography was oka-ish. It was really well edited on the first few seconds of the dance inside the mansion, but the dance in the cemetery was kinda boring.

I haven’t decided if this video is trying to be tacky, or just is… but this is M.I.A. we’re talking, the same in charge of Born Free, so we should be in good hands. The irony, though, I can’t take it. It’s too much irony in the tacky graphics, the glitter, the video transitions… EVERYTHING.

You know them, right? It plagues The People’s social media profiles. MySpace, Hi5, Tagged… every disgustingly booty-call social media website, just because The People think it looks good. And even though Facebook doesn’t allow profile customization — thank god! — it is plagued with applications with glitter and tacky graphics.

Still don’t know what tacky is? Here, take a look at M.I.A’s video

I’m still lukewarm about her music. I don’t get what’s so genius about her, but I guess that’s her genius.
I’m never gonna get it

I’m pretty sure I discovered Pink on one of the non-subtitled broadcasts of some Music Award they used to aired back in the day on Fox or something. That same year or maybe the next (?), in 2001, I went to Los Angeles to spend my 15th bday there… and then head off to San Francisco to visit family.

On that trip? I remember Popular was airing the few of their lasts episodes on The WB. Which episode? I remember it clearly… I have one of those memories. The News of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

On my stay in LA? I almost pissed myself because I was in LA the day of the Grammy awards. Two Spanish girls that were on the tour bus with us were attending… I watched from the hotel, of course, but I remember seeing all the limos arriving. I was over the moon, because you know me… I get celebrity-giddy really easy… and I was 15.

I saw the Grammy broadcast, and saw Faith Hill performing Breathe. Wow. Guess what I ended up getting when I got to SF, and told my parents I wanted to get some CDs? xD A broad variety, because you know me… I’m not genre specific, if I like it, I like it and that’s it. So I ended up getting Pink’s debut Can’t Take Me Home, Faith Hill’s Breathe, and Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP.

I still own those CDs — it’s rare I would decide to throw them out — and even though I only own one or two more albums by Faith Hill and Eminem, I can proudly tell you that I have bought every Pink album that’s been released.

So here’s to There You Go, and the Pink hair that started it all!