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This post is dedicated to Julz and her bro. xD
‘coz I know they read the blog, and they both love Rock Band…
and hopefully both of them love The Beatles~~~

and for those who loved the intro~~~
though I’ve posted it before, quality is better on this one~

What better way to show people that Google cares about your privacy, than with a cute animation on how it’s done. Only from Google Japan, of course~~~

Pretty “shadow Puppet-y” CM for Surf’s Twilight Sensations,
which I almost confused for a pretty perfume ad. :O
that can only be good, right?

First, I meant to post these yesterday, but my computer screwed up. I’ll talk about it later.

Second of all… It’s been a while since a proper Yu post, apparently most of you don’t care about other Yu-tagged posts, and want Yu-centric… which kinda sucks, but maybe that’s just because I’m in a bad mood. So I will try to forgive…

Onto business…

Yu did a series of LG commercials, since I’m all lost on translation, I didn’t really know that 1. it was gonna be a Japanese campaign for new LG phones shot in France. 2. Yu did her French xD 3. I don’t understand her French. 4. She did mention she thinks French pronunciation is difficult. 5. I have suggested she learns Spanish because pronunciation is pretty close to basic hiragana/katakana – 6. when asked what her favorite feature was she said it was the address book because she tends to save many numbers for sweet shops, gohan shops and cake shops, LOL – so anyway!

Pretty cute CMs, but check the one below the break which is all of them into one video xD

Geek alert!

Stop-motion, printers and music~
though, I dunno if it’s a video, a commercial, or something else xD

Loads of fun!