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It’s titles! I wonder if porn movies still make funky title designs…
since they are also battling torrents and streaming sites,
also… the music xD
hmmm… maybe not so safe for work.

I know music videos is not that popular in here, considering how visits have dropped since I begun posting a few music videos this past week… but this brought back memories of school and chemistry classes. xD My teacher has his own Facebook group hahaha.

Just ran into this very cute music video – alert! Yma Sumac pop culture reference xD – really, I never thought I would have seen Yma Sumac named alongside Superman, but alas~~~ La Casa Azul (the blue house) has come up with the song (the new Yma Sumac) and this cute Cartoon Network-esque music video.

And they’ve made the original Spanish version, and a Japanese version! Though sounds wayyyyy cuter in Japanese. It’s the whole electro-cutesy pop vibe, you know? It just fits better with the voice.

you can check the Spanish version here, and
visit Cocoe Studios who were in charge of the animation~~~

I like playing ping pong xD
so these “totems” rock~~~
Save the balls! LOL

Save the Balls! by Patrik Bundeli

but I’m usually a barbarian when it comes to table tennis, I’ve destroyed a couple of balls in my time playing, but at least I don’t “accidentally” lose them. Just saying… I dunno if I should use a dozen when I’m in need for playing.

Oh no, I didn’t~~~

Oh yes, I did. LOL

The newest animated McDull film… McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten (or McDull Wudang) seems to have made a bit of money since it’s release in mainland China and Hong Kong.

McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten

In this new adventure, McDull visits mainland China for the very first time, and learns taichi. ^^ – it may all sound so simple, after all… McDull is a simple piggy. But don’t be mistaken, he’s a piggy with a big heart. For some of my thoughts on McDull, read my comments on the Alumni film which has loads of silly but with a heart~

And don’t worry… McDull himself is a Harry Potter fan. LOL – And his mom wanted to write a book too! After all, if JK could do it as a single mom, then McDull’s mom can certainly do it!!! xD