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Most people know I’ve cut most (if not all) my ties with Harry Potter fandom — thank Kamisama! Where would my life be otherwise? — Anyway, I ran into these covers re-designed to look like Classic Penguin Books. These are oh so pretty!

1_the philosophers stone-mscorley

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why is that? how is that?

I’m not particularly fond of Mr. Vargas Llosa, but I ran into these covers, which are way cooler than the version of his books that I’ve seen lying around bookshelves.


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Tim Burton MOMA Spazz~~~

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OMG. A couple more shots, including one of Jack Skellington, over at Otto-Otto.

Maca, why didn’t you go! You missed Johnny! xD

You’ve seen this.

I’ve found a new Club Keiba CM, plus photos — and also decided to post other Club Keiba printed ads. Club Keiba should be paying me for this post, but I’m an idiot. LOL

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Ah these French animation students…
they are kicking out butts. xD

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