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OMG. This is so bizarre. Someone took the time to make these illustrations of Disney’s famous (or not so famous) princes (or even not truly princes). A series which include Aladdin, Eric (from The Little Mermaid), David (from Lilo & Stitch), Hercules, John Smith, Prince Phillip, Tarzan… many more and…

Prince Edward? Omg, it’s James Marsden! LOL

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I’m shallow like that, just saw this book’s cover and bought it.

Les Amants Papillons or “Los Amantes Mariposa” based on the Chinese legend of the lovers… story as tragic as, or maybe even more so than Romeo & Juliet. I was all “wait a minute” why is her name Naoko? It’s all very Japanese/Chinese mix very much like in Mulan, but I could look passed that because the illustrations are oh so pretty.


by Benjamin Lacombe.

kawaii xD


Can’t tell the language though. Is it Dutch?
I’m not very familiar with Dutch…

Take a look at all the pages through this project page.

We Are Seventeen has created a pretty cool motion piece with some Must See Movies.


Check out the video here. [needs Quicktime]

8 Ways to Kill an Idea

November 22, 2009 — Leave a comment

I feel you.

Kill an Idea by Scott Campbell

More images, and bigger over at TrendsNow[fr].

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