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Project China 2009

October 24, 2009 — Leave a comment

Take that Revista Integracion *laughs*


Anyway, turns out the Swedes have been doing this thing called Project China for a few years now. This year they have made a 148-page-downloadable book called “31 days of Watching China Change,” which is a far better read than anything Revista Integracion can come up with.

They talk about Economics, and how the financial crisis has affected China and its people way of thinking. They also talk about the environmental impact of the crisis in the country and overall life.

You can download the PDF from the Project China website.

Design is a bit dull though…

joss-whedon-is-my-master-now-tshirtNo, we ain’t gonna see vampires on Glee, fellows~

Entertainment Weekly reported, and has confirmed thanks to this Whedon comment that he will be directing an episode of our favorite new loser show Glee.

As you know, Fox has already ordered the complete first season (13 episodes, plus 9 more) – one of these new nine eps to be shot will have Whedon at the helm, after such classic musical extravaganzas like Once More with Feeling — the classic Buffy musical episode — and Dr. Horrible.

What the people are asking for?

Neil Patrick Harris!

Of course! I second that one!!!

For sure there’s a whole demand for all the cast of Dr. Horrible, and Buffy — After all, it IS the Whedonverse we are talking about here, but let’s not forget this is Glee! xD I’m sure there’s a lot of Whedon fans who are also Ryan Murphy’s fans (moi!), I;ll just be thrill for the episode. And I’ll spazz if NPH shows up.

PS: I also want Mary Cherry and Cherry Cherry for a cameo~

PS2: There’s Glee posters all over town here. I’m spazzing.

Sweet. xD


Designed by German designers, The Mosquito is design for city use, with a lithium-battery-motor that goes up to 50kmph. And it’s easy to maintain too! More details through TheBlogPaper~

I first fell in love with the Wishbone Bike, it’s so adorable and environmentally sustainable!


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There was a time I was nuts about paper and its texture, I still have a thing for it xD