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Goodbye, Sholly!

March 9, 2009 — 5 Comments

It was sort of nice meeting you.

Spoilers did their work on just not hyping it up, but still the final episode was pretty bleh. And Sholly… Sholly has been forever tainted with Jenny’s *disease* LOL. I blame it all on the rumor of Hollywood Ebola. HAHAHA, ‘coz Julz knows that Hollywood Ebola’s disease is so powerful, that even a rumor can infect you.

Anyway, as a goodbye to Sholly, I did a little funny.
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LOL’ What is it? The Whip Ship. Love it. xD

I just saw a glimpse of season9 of CSI on the TV, and it turned out to be Lady Heather leaving Grissom, and him telling her to stay. I haven’t watched CSI for what feels like ages~~~ Perhaps my last proper episode was the last season with Lady Heather (season7)~ xD But you know, I also saw the one with Sara and the bye-bye to Warrick, but that’s been on and off really…

Just a few days ago, I was about to swear off shipping, haha. Really, I had lost most giddiness which comes with being a shipper, but just seeing a glimpse of Lady Heather back and a share scene with Grissom makes me giddy! Just in time!!! Right?

I’ve always sort of followed Catherine/Grissom, over Sara/Grissom – mainly because there was a time where I just couldn’t stand Sara’s self-righteousness… and despite Lady Heather/Grissom’s slim chances, I’ve always had a thing for them together~~~ Even if they appeared to have reunited under some shady circumstances (Grissom sad over his relationship with Sara), anyway~ I’ll take any giddy at the moment!

Let’s hope for more Lady Heather… eh~~~ even if Petersen is not on CSI any longer…

Yo~~~~~ I’m pretty sure it’s not March 8th yet in Sweden. In fact, according to my iPod it’s barely 9pm there at the moment, but hey! we’re here to celebrate!! Celebrate that faithful e-mail you sent 3 years ago! Wow, how much you’ve changed and evolved, Julz~~

Truly! Most improved! Remember? You didn’t know how to call avatars, let alone make them~~~ Now! Now you run your OWN website… make graphics, and are all over many things Asian. Very very amazing~~~ you’re Singing in Korean (Colbert joke in here) xD~~~ Of course~~~ singing in Japanese! And you are about to witness Japanese Entertainment industry’s history~~~~

Julyssa & Amy

Was this T-Centralen? July 2007? xD

Loca!!!! Happy Friendship-versary!!! LOL’

Yu Aoi - 2009 - Rookie of the Year Award CeremonyRookie? LOL’ I don’t think she’s a ‘rookie’ perse but okay… I’ll take it!

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan has named Yu (in the fields of Media and Fine Arts) their Rookie of the Year Award (Movies).

On why they are giving this award to her, they talk about her debut on the Shunji Iwai film All About Lily Chou Chou, and her steady career throughout the years mentioning Hula Girls. They also mention her work on One Million Yen Girl the past year, as well as her natural talent. Finally, they close their paragraph saying that Yu’s future is expected with much anticipation.

Or something like that…

Also named there in the field of Public Art, Shiina Ringo!!!! Like… Rookie?? Again~~

Sorry, no photos~~

*update March 30th* – Added a photo from Yu’s site.

*update May 20th* – Added a link to video. Check it out after the break…

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In October last year, I posted an extra from the Hana & Alice DVD, in which the cast did a rhyme or a “rakugo” – which by the way wasn’t on Wikipedia back then – and I took a while to get what they were saying, but now there’s information!

The rhyme is called Jugemu, and it’s one of the most popular rakugo for its featuring on NHK’s Nihongo de Asobo segment… which was the program I quoted last February, when I posted a comment with the romaji for it. Jugemu tells the story of a man picking a name for his newborn baby. When the priest gives him a list of auspicious names, the man decides to use all of them to give his child a lot of luck in life, resulting in a super long name.

The Japan Forum

The Tikki Tikki Tembo story is also kind of funny~~