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Amy’s Ramblings

September 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

Random post of no fix topic ahead! Well, it’s been about a month or so since Olympics… and I’m kinda glad they’re over even if it brough thousands of hits, because… well, it also brough a lot of spam~ which sucks. So I’m kinda happy with the couple of hundreds that visit the site each day or so…

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MixTape – Japanese-a-Mix

September 13, 2008 — 1 Comment

Just found – Coolest $hit EVER. LOL’ Well, actually, can’t really say much about it YET… because I just discovered it 20min ago, but I already made my first tape and I already registered xD – at the moment it’s a nifty tool, but let’s just wait until it becomes popular and begins taking down songs. *knocks on wood*

So my first tape! Japanese-a-Mix~~

  1. Miyavi – SELFISH LOVE
  2. Shiina Ringo – Konoyo no Kagiri – Limits of this World
  3. Salyu – Arabesuku (Arabesque)
  4. Miyavi – Aishiteru kara Hajimeyo
  5. Kobukuro – Yell
  6. Shiina Ringo – Identity
  7. Salyu – Yoru no Umi Tooi Deai ni – Night Meeting in the Distant Sea
  8. miyavi – Kimi ni Negai wo
  9. Shiina Ringo – jazz a go go

Subtitles Vs. Fansubs

September 12, 2008 — 4 Comments

The amount of films that are not in a language I can speak have increased at least 90% this year… thanks to the internet of course, otherwise I will be waiting for them to either arrive at the cinema, hit the small screen on satellite or cable, or just by finding some Region 1 distributor… but none of that!

Anyway, because of this reason, I have been focusing a lot on subtitles, and I finally have 3 films that I saw with fansubs and now I watched with the subtitles on the dvd. And the results are in… 3-0 in favor of fansubbing.

It’s not because the subtitles on the dvd are bad… they just lack on something. A little UMPH… a little personality… a little common sense?

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Dancer in the Dark by Lars Von Trier remains my favorite film since the day I first saw it at the movies. I was still in high school, and it marked a totaly shift on the way I watch films… you know? Before this film, I was your most ordinary teenager… I was all about Romantic Comedies, Teenage Comedies, and did totally dismiss many other films~~ Until this film.

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Osen-san Will Keep on Going…

September 11, 2008 — 6 Comments

OsenBut she made me cry. LOL’ What started as a funny (almost goofy) ride about yummy-looking food from Isshouan, ended up as something that made me cry xD No? Weren’t the last two episodes of Osen so nostalgic?

Maybe it is because my family owns a restaurant as well… and I’m so not-very-much like Osen-san T-T Sadness, NE?

But I do! I do appreciate GOOD food! I appreciate good everything… taking the time to do something~ I do with design… I may not be the Osen-san of design, but I worry for it… and am scared of ‘the times’.

Because now I have to compete with $100 websites, and have to convince and fight for a client that websites are only for them. Okay, I may not call a button “Button-san,” and I certainly can’t drink as much Sake as Osen… and oh yeah, did I mention I can’t cook to save my life? LOL’ But I treat each of my projects like an Isshouan dish~ With time, and dedication.

In the end, is all about learning… connecting, and passing it on. Please, don’t let good things go by just because other things seem more convenient. Hontou onegai shimasu. *bows*