Top 10 Celebrity Female Portraits

August 18, 2007 — 11 Comments

So I’ve figure I’ve had my Flickr account for a while now, and My Favorites are over a 100 now including portraits, landscapes, typographic, etc. So I’ve decided to make my Top10 Female Celebrity Portraits from my current favorites. Mind you, these favorites were also chosen by its resolution availability, besides from photographer, celebrity, art direction, and other factors.

I don’t have any credits, so if you know – please, leave a comment of the photographers, photoshoots, magazines, etc.

1. Eva Green and Puppy – This was my pick just because it showed another side of Eva Green, who’s often the sultry strong female. This moment just makes me smile…

Eva Green & Puppy

2. Audrey Tautou Being Bashful – Just love the shyness, and the look in the eyes.

Audrey Tautou

3. Rachel Weisz and the Eyes Intensity

Rachel Weisz

4. Heidi Klum Laughing her Life’s Worth – Just gotta love that face. It’s just gorgeous.

Heidi Klum

5. Naomi Watts Stares into Space

Naomi Watts

6. Famke Janssen and the Mysterious Lightsaber – seriously not trying to sound dirty or anything.

Famke Janssen - Lightsaber, ha!

7. Paz Vega in Blue

Paz Vega in Blue

8. Nicole Kidman Looking Downwards

Nicole Kidman

9. Kate Beckinsale and Wavy Hair

Kate Beckinsale

10. Sienna Miller Biting Pinky Fingernail – *EDIT* Photo was taken down, so you’ll have to settle for this photograph, which I am pretty sure is FROM the same photoshoot. Does Anyone know if the Craig McDean photoshoot from W Magazine has a photo that fits the description above?

Sienna Miller

The End.

11 responses to Top 10 Celebrity Female Portraits

  1. Well u now how to pck your ladies. I love love love rachel, she is such a beaty, but seriously where is Monica Belluci????

  2. Loca, Monica Belluci is in My Favorites, but didn’t make the cut as an awesome-kick-ass photo.

    Who else didn’t make the cut? Well, you might notice, Natalie Portman didn’t. And she’s one of my all-time favorites.

    Liv Tyler didn’t make it either, as well as Shakira, Carmen Kass, Bjork, Elizabeth Reaser, Jennifer Connelly, Charlize Theron, and Jennifer Beals.

  3. Then u could make the list longer…..
    No te ahoges en vacos de agua! By the by Jennifer Biels isn’t hot

  4. Are you talking about Jessica Biels, or Jennifer Beals? LOL’ I’m confused.

    Anyway, I didn’t say they were hot, I said their pictures didn’t make it. Jennifer Beals might look… er… funny with the legs warmer, but come on! To be fair, who does? She does know how to rock a business suit, though.

  5. I say we need more girls in this list….Personally i love Kate Beckinsale.

  6. Always the girls get more commenting than the guys… why would that be?

  7. Where is the bloody picture of Siena Miller!!!! >,< who took it down!!!

  8. Well, 4 of the photos were taken down, and I’ve been only able to find 3. Still looking for that bloody Sienna Miller photograph.

  9. Okay, photos have been disappearing. Luckily, I have been backing up my Flick Faves. LOL

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