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Daria DVD News Spazz~~~

November 21, 2009 — Leave a comment

On July, I posted this about the Daria DVD.

I just got an email update with more info, which sound spazz-tastic~

  1. It sounds as though, rather than put the episodes out season-by-season, they are looking to put the whole series out at once, including the movies.
  2. There will be goodies, though which ones, I am not sure. However, the Sarcastathons and the specials were mentioned, and it looks as though they are going through ANY footage to find superfluous Daria appearances (like on TV talk shows).
  3. The commercial bumpers will be preserved, and in their rightful places.
  4. The episodes will be from the original masters, so no Noggin jujitsu cuts.
  5. The DVDs could come out as early as spring 2010. I’m going to play it conservative and still claim that they won’t be available until late 2010. For outside of the United States, it will be closer to 2011.

Also, apparently… for licensing reasons — there will be music replacement. However, it appears that they will replace some songs with covers, so they are trying to make changes not too noticeable. As for licensing explanations, old shows that used music prominently are having issues with their DVD release because the permits they used on the original TV broadcast don’t apply when releasing the music on DVD.

New shows don’t suffer from it, because the different licensing issues are dealt when shooting the show.

via TVShowsOnDVD and DVDAria Petition.

89 documentary films have been reduced to 15 films. On the race? The Don’t-Kill-the-Dolphins documentary The Cove, which created a fuzz when the Tokyo Film Festival didn’t let them open the event.

But you know, dolphins are cute this is why it deserves a documentary (and it will probably win an Oscar for it if the cuteness continues).

I really want to be wrong on this one.

Food, Inc. is also on the race. I learned something from this one, must admit.

Check out the 15 titles here.

We usually butcher language in this place, combining words from different languages, inventing verbs [check RASUTO FURENZING, Bibifying] and adjectives [check Bibified], but we do care about language… considering everyone seems to butcher language.

According to the Oxford New American Dictionary, “unfriend” is the top word of 2009.

This was also interesting;

Dictionary officials said twitterisms comprised a “notable word cluster” in 2009, including the following terms related to the social network: tweeps, tweetup, twitt, twitterati, twitterature, twitterverse/sphere, retweet, twibe, sweeple,tweepish, tweetaholic, twittermob, and twitterhea.

Also, I didn’t see the big deal about the Whopper Sacrifice promo. People DO have friends that are useless. Like people with over 1k contacts… and they only speak with only 10 LOL

Too many words to learn xD One of them is “tramp stamp,” a tattoo on the lower back, usually on a woman – now, I wonder how many women I know with those. Very telling, very telling. xP

Let’s see~~~ There’s 65 Countries competing for 5 spots on the Foreign Film category this time around, from which I have seen… around… TWO, hahaha. I’ve seen only Madeo (Mother) from Korea, and La Teta Asustada (Milk of Sorrow) from Peru. But I’m watching No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti from Taiwan this weekend~

Also want to watch Mei Lanfang (Forever Enthralled) from China, The White Ribbon from Germany, and Dare mo Mamotte Kurenai (Nobody to Watch Over me) from Japan. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find some of those Asian contenders if I look hard enough…

On Animated news~ apparently there are 20 Animated Features that could compete for possible 5 spots for Best Animated Feature. Among these 20 animated films? The kind of Peruvian The Dolphin – Story of a Dreamer. Yup, that’s right. From these 20 films, 7 have yet to be released in the US market (including Dolphin), in the case they can’t meet the deadline, they wouldn’t be able to compete.

There should be at least 16 films that meet the requirement, otherwise we’d be stuck with the 3 regular nominations, which wouldn’t be bad… we just have to be more picky. LOL

From those 20, I’ve seen 5… Coraline, Mary and Max, Monsters vs. Aliens, Ponyo, and UP. And I plan to watch 9 (Nine) over the weekend~~~ so I’ll let you know how that goes~

This is a YAM update

November 8, 2009 — 2 Comments

We’re beginning official work on YAM007.

I’m pushing for a Crowd Lu review from someone (since I don’t really speak Chinese, it would be beneficial, right?) — Someone will be doing This Is It and even offer himself to review New Moon, which lessens my “I don’t really wanna watch this, but have to” load.

I’m looking for people to review… hopefully, An Education and Precious — cue Julz — and also looking for people interested in reviewing True Blood (the current seasons, or just the latest one), Mad Men Season 3, and if you feel like it Dexter Season 5.

All other current films (that haven’t been rated or reviewed in previous issues), latest music releases from around the world (released on October, November and December have priority over other 2009 releases), other shows that are finishing seasons~~~ and ANY books, since we are not picky with those. Ha!

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