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It seems water in California… or the US for that matter is ultra fertile, because everyone seems to be already preggers. It’s nuts! Planned pregnancies? Me thinks not so~ There are such things as condoms, and the pill… u know, loads of things to prevent you from accidental pregnancies. LOL’

Too funny a video.


Ich heiße Victoria~
In case you didn’t know, she’s called Victoria…
Ja. x’D

Wie geht es Ihnen?
Bin gut. x’D Ja. x””’D

I think Victoria might be mashing her German with some Spanish, and says she’s intelligent x’D

Ja! Hahaha. Poor, Geri. She’s getting confused too. x’D

Bra-bra is… bustenhalter!

Hahaha… anyway – too much language geekyness. If I keep at it, I might end up adding a German category. *tsk tsk*

Becoming a Model 101

December 7, 2007 — Leave a comment

u know the basics.
1. throw up everything u eat
2. pout. always. period.
3. squint ur eyes. squinty eyes makes mysterious.
4. pose in the most asymmetrical pose u can still stand on.
5. naked portraits are art.

zomg! Dumbledore is gay

October 20, 2007 — 3 Comments

I just had to share that bit of headlines today.

straight from the headquarters of E! Entertainment!

First reaction? Burst out laughing, and fell of my chair. Mind you, I haven’t slept in the last 24hrs… so THAT might be a reaction – hahaha.

This post by Scout made my day, and most likely many people’s!

So that’s why ol’ Dumbledore was always looking at Harry with madly twinkling eyes!!!!

The perv!!!

But I don’t understand why Hermione didn’t figure it out?

eowyn83 said;

This is why she wrote Harry naked in the King’s Cross chappie in DH–Dumbledore still perving in his next great adventure

It all was foreshadowed by this bits of HBP (Half-Blood Prince) from an article in India about double sense sentences…

There was no need to stick the wand in that hard,’ he (Dumbledore) said gruffly, clambering to his feet. ‘It hurt.’ (p 64)

…a hole opened in the middle of all the tentaclelike branches; Hermione plunged her arm bravely into this hole, which closed like a trap around her elbow; Harry and Ron tugged and wrenched at the vines, forcing the hole to open again… (p 281)

Lupin burst out laughing. ‘Sometimes you remind me a lot of James. He called it my ‘furry little problem’… (p 335)

‘I dunno,’ said Harry. ‘Maybe it’s better when you do it yourself, I didn’t enjoy it much when Dumbledore took me along for the ride.’ (p 355)

‘You see?’ Dumbledore said quietly, holding his wand a little higher. Harry saw a fissure in the cliff into which dark water was swirling. ‘You will not object to getting a little wet?’ ‘No,’ said Harry. ‘Then take off your Invisibility Cloak… and let us take the plunge.’ (p 556)

Hope you all laugh


I am in desperate search of the following former YouTube user: buffycaz

If you have any idea who he/she is, the whereabouts, contact info… or anything. Let me know!

And, if you are buffycaz – MY GOD! I have been dying since your YouTube account got removed, and the video “bunnies!” got deleted. CRUSHED. Do you happen to have that video of Anya featuring Ballroom Blitz by Sweet? I would love you forever if you send me the video.

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