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Continuing with the warm-up!
Woohoo!! Movie count is up to 41!!
Only 7 more to go~~~ xD

First, some observations. I noticed that I’ve only listed about 70 films (counting with some really REALLY bad ones there), and I had to cut to half of those… the results are kind of very American. You agree?

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It’s 35 films this year! Woohoo! Well, not much to celebrate since some of those were really REALLY bad, but they count for the movie countdown~~~
In the meantime, I’ve decided to put my list of Best 2001 films.

It was really difficult to choose some, as I seem to not have seen many 2001 films, so many of my nominees are the same as the Oscar, I feel. Remembering the films made me remember about the first time I actively waited for the Oscar. I mean, the event in itself was something I did, but that year was the year I said I’m gonna watch the Oscar to see who will win. American Beauty won that year, as did Kevin Spacey and The Matrix. 1999 Films, wow~~~ I was 13 going on 14.

Anyway~ without further ado~~~

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an Asian-centric place?

I seem to complain a lot about the West lately. I dunno if you’ve noticed. I’ve noticed, and my parents have noticed. The four featured articles are Asian topics (kind of, since YAM005 has Yu LOL), I listen to a lot of music from Asia, watch a lot of films from Asia (though I’m also watching Mad Men Season 1 at the moment – actually on Ep08) – Everything seems Asia.

What the heck.

Have I opened my eyes to something I had never known before? Oh how I wish I had been so Asian when my grandfather was alive, maybe he would’ve been proud. I’m sure he’d be thrilled I’m all over Chinese music (I still got six albums to listen to xD), and maybe I’d be speaking Chinese by now instead of just fraking around.

So when did this happen? Why did this happen?

Is it because American music sucks? Is it because American celebrities suck? Is it because British music sounds the same? Is it because everyone on this side of the world looks and sounds the same? Or am I just tired of hearing how evil China is because that’s what they keep telling me on the papers and online news. Perhaps all the negative propaganda makes me like Asia even more.

Or is it the Anti-American “ideas” of everything American sucks? Because that’s what people think, right? But I don’t think so, I don’t have a problem with the American people… maybe their music industry, and their movie industry… and their media… or how the media portrays anything. No, scratch all of that. I have a problem with people in general. People suck, and I’ve become very anti-social. I don’t like western media, because that’s what I get to read since it’s all I can understand. I would probably hate other reporters and writers in Asian language if I could properly read what they write. But as it stands, I hate the media I get to hear and read about. The so-called defenders of the truth and objective point of views. I have given up on objectivity on television, but they keep shoving it in my face.

So yeah, it seems this blog (and YAM for that matter) is turning more and more towards an Asia focus because I’m getting more and more fed up with the West. For anyone else out there who find themselves only focus on Asian (or only Japanese, only Korean, only Chinese) Entertainment, why did it happen? How? When?

So what’s up?

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I don’t normally go out on Sunday, but I went to the ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty. Meh, I don’t think I’m a ballet person… though it was kinda funny. xD – Many of the dancers had familiar faces xD

Sleeping Beauty… I mean, Aurora was the tinier version of Elizabeth Berkley. then the main fairy was a taller version of Amy Adams xD Then the kitty cat (don’t ask) reminded me of Mena Suvari LOL – let’s see what else… the prince was a whiter version of Ichabod Crane (the Disney version, LOL), and one of the random dancers looked like a guy that works at the family’s restaurant… only skinnier and way younger. Ha!

Then wanted to go for sandwiches, but place was closed so ended up at a restaurant/bistro and had sirloin (? Is that Lomo? Loin? Fillet steak?) with Fungi and Gnocchi~ – Iced tea was crap though. LOL’

Then I’ve been checking my computer for virus (none!) – but I’m too lazy for backups. Ugh! Backups!! I should buy extra harddisk space instead… I asked a few weeks back about a terabyte storage system, but they said they were out. (?) – right. In the meantime, I’m filling it up even more with two Bibi (zhou bichang) films xD. Saw some clips of one of them, and almost died myself laughing. Will tell you how they were…

I also saw Public Enemies. Watch it! Now! Marion and Johnny!?! *swoon!*


Alberto Cerriteño - Lolo Pillow

Cutest thing ever!! The Lolo Pillow xD
There’s also the Chupacabra Pillow – buahahaha.

but £33, man~~~ each!
Then I got all “Hmm… I wonder what’s on deviantArt??”

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