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Vidya Balan is not pregnant! I say this like I’m a bad person, but I’m selfish like that. You saw the state of panic the internet went, especially from us fans?It’s a sign of relief now (for a while)~~~ we got Vidya Balan’s movies for a little while longer!


On March 20th, 2004, I watched Good Bye, Lenin! Though my rekindling didn’t happen until last year, I feel it’s somewhat an important day. Plus, I had my Vancouver ticket, so why not? I didn’t prepare anything special, though I was thinking of re-watching the movie. Turns out I’m kinda movie-busy until the end of the month, so I doubt I can re-watch anything.

But I went image web-hunting :)


I might consider writing my thoughts on the movie, but hey! Look at Kou Shibasaki wanting to break through in those frames. For a moment there I thought she might actually kill someone.


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I was wondering about my rather quick faded interest in Min Hyorin, and just found out she just signed a new contract with JYP [1]. I hope that doesn’t mean less interest in movies and more focus in music, because- Buah~ wasted potential there, because look:


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Sometimes I like to stare at photos.


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