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July and August Music~

September 3, 2009 — 1 Comment

Well, it seems like I’ve heard a lot of music lately, but looking at my list – doesn’t appear to be. So I wonder if I listened to a lot of repeated music… let’s see~~~

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Plus some July xD

See… when I listen to more music, I watch less films… and when I do these things, I don’t read at all. I’m ashamed of how much I read now… LOL – and just so you can make fun of me, I’ve only been reading Buffy (season 8 comic) xD

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May 2009 Music!

June 8, 2009 — 3 Comments


I didn’t blog for two days!!! My perfect two-month-everyday posting record is over~

T.T – and…

Didn’t really listened to much music either~~~ just a few couple albums that just came out.

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I can’t remember the last time I did a music backup, and that’s a bit worrying… but not as worrying as the last time I made a backup of everything else. That’s another scary subject. I’m here to show you how neat is my iTunes library~~~

iTunes Library - June05 '09

See? Neat~~~ almost everything with a cover, but that’s because I ripped that from a YouTube video, which is lame… but I couldn’t find a proper mp3 of Sedated by the Young @ Heart Chorus. Do you know where can I get it?

Then… circled albums are the ones I don’t own, and want to buy physically… the ones marked with a “2” means I would be thinking of getting them physically as well. I really, really have fallen in love with the Hana & Alice OST, it goes with liking the film more and more.

The rest, as you can see is filled with Chris Lee, Coeur de Pirate, David Tao, Dirty Projectors, Green Day, The Sounds, St. Vincent, La Patere Rose etc etc… Shiina Ringo, Seo Taiji. When is Seo Taiji’s 8th album coming out??? I’ve been waiting for it since October last year – I remember because I was complaning too many albums coming on Oct/Nov.

A month and a week~~~

Let’s see how well I did!!!

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