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How can we measure the popularity of a TV show or a film?

I just finished watching the latest Desperate Housewives episode… episode 100!! But I’m still DYING to see the newest episode of the last The L Word season~~~ AND, the newest Showtime Toni-Collette-starring-Diablo-Cody-written-30-min-dark-comedy~~ (yes, that’s one word) United States of Tara.

DH aired at 9pm (at the same time that TLW airs), but still no hint of the episode of TLW… why is that? Is it because TLW isn’t as popular as DH? Is it because TLW airs on Showtime? But Dexter also airs on Showtime… though I’m pretty sure Dexter takes a little while to show up~~ The fact is… I have no idea why I’m dying to watch The L Word tonight. Maybe it’s because I have to wake up early tomorrow meaning that I wouldn’t be able to watch the episode until later today. LOL Combine that with my left-over anxiety left from last season’s Molly+Shane… and lack of web comments on tonight’s episode.

I would assume that people that watch Showtime are more web savvy than the people that tend to watch ABC, so I’m sure someone that watches TLW would be able to make IT happen.


Now… if only I could get Showtime in Peru. Cable Magico *hint hint nudge nudge* … *punch punch* get it? And cut that crap of “Latin American version of *insert name of channel*”.

OK… back on my subject~~~ I know the more popular the film is, the faster it hits the internet. Is it the same for shows? Or does it have to do with target audience?

Bad, bad Amy… I think I’ve seen a couple few films… some re-watches too. Also, I seem to have an alergy today~ CAN’T stop sneezing!!! =o=”

Films (awarded and not…) after the break. For the best of 2008 (made in, or watched) check here.

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Film starring Juri Ueno as Suzume Katagura an ordinary housewife (despite how only being 23), whose husband goes overseas on business leaving behind his pet turtle at her care. She lives her days monotonously, wondering if she will ever be noticed, until the day she spots a tricky ad sticker searching for spies.

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Juri Ueno, Yu Aoi, Ryo Iwamatsu, Eri Fuse
Duration: 1:30hr

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Hmm… I feel I have been kinda crappy at watching movies like last time. But not AS bad as last time.

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A little about the film:
(from Wikipedia)
It’s a 2006 Japanese-award-winning film based on true events of a small coal mining town facing the shut down of the mine, and looking at the loss of +2000 jobs. While all the grownups seemed to be fuzzing about the future of their coal-legacy, a young group of girls see a gleam of hope in the opening of The Hawaiian Center, and hula dancing.

Genre: Drama, Comedy and dancing!
Starring: Yasuko Matsuyuki, Etsushi Toyokawa, Yu Aoi, Eri Tokunaga, Shoko Ikezu & Shizuyo Yamazaki
Duration: 2hrs

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