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The Number 31!

May 17, 2007 — 2 Comments

Lol, I saw The Number 23 – and even though it was not a very good movie, I still had to go to the imdb and vote! – I’ve been checking out the boards, and found a topic about some number 23 ‘freaky’ stuff. Well, mine seems to be The Number 31! Lol xD

Check this out, IMDB ID for Number 23 was 481369:
4 + 8 + 1 + 3 + 6 + 9 = 31

The sum of my birthdate is:
x = 31

The ID number for the post I was reading of ‘freaky’ stuff was 65785739 page 35:
6 + 5 + 7 + 8 + 5 +7 + 3 + 9 + 3 + 5 = 58… 5 + 8 = 13 <- 31 reversed.

Today’s date is May 17, 2007 – 17052007:
17 + 5 + 2 +7 = 31 or 17 + 5 + 2007 = 2029… 2 + 2 + 9 = 13 <- 31 reversed.

Will maybe continue doing this crazy later, lol – I’m going to bed now.


Edit with more 31s.

I couldn’t sleep well last night. I saw the clock, and it was 5:31
The sum of my phone number is = 31
I was scoring videos for a competition for two categories. One of the averages was 7.45 and the other 6.45 – 7 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 4 + 5 = 31

Shirley Holmes

May 10, 2007 — 1 Comment

For those of you who don’t know, The Adventures of Shirley Holmes was a show for kids that dealt with Shirley, the great-niece of famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. She was a bright and curious young girl with some emotional and social issues, that are triggered by the mysterious disappearance of her mother, Dr. Joanna Holmes, in Rwanda.

We follow Shirley, three or four years into her mom’s disappearance, when she finally meets Bo Sawchuk, a bad-boy-turned-friend and Watson-like companion to Shirley. Together they solve mysteries dealing with insurance fraud, kidnappings, alien abductions, illegal immigrants, conspiracies, and deception – just to name a few… all ending in young Shirley learning something about herself, and other people.

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Nicole Kidman as SatineMoulin Rouge is one of my favorite films because of its soundtrack, art direction, choreography, and overall production ++ plus it’s an idealistic angsty story about a courtesan and a pennyless writer who fall in love in the midst of the Bohemian revolution that swept Paris.

Freedom. Beauty. Trust. And above all things, Love.

Nicole Kidman is great in the film, as well as Ewan McGregor and John Leguizamo. Zidler and The Duke are excellent, especially in the “Like A Virgin” musical number. It is very hard not to like and enjoy this film, unless… of course, you don’t like Musicals at all.

Recently, I got my Greta Garbo collection, which includes 10 discs, and over 12 films – which kicks ass. I’m in the third disc, and just finished watching Camille, both the 1921 Silent Film and Greta Garbo’s.

First of all, Garbo was excellent in this film, especially in the last act. And although the Silent version might have been great in its time, I think the story loses subtlety without dialog an the exaggerated facial expressions. That’s why I prefer the 1936 version better ^^

It is such a pity that Garbo was competing against Vivian Leigh, who won the Best Actress Academy Award for Gone with the Wind that same year. Marguerite, just as Satine in Moulin Rouge, is a courtesan who doesn’t believe in True Love, and instead trades her love for diamonds and bracelets, until she mistakes mid-class Armand Duval for a rich Count.


April 29 – saw The Lost Tomb of Jesus. Pretty boring and general stuff, but good to know I guess… just for general knowledge. The Church just makes such a big deal about it, it just attracts more attention. Worth a watch if you catch it zapping your TV, not worth a wait… Actually, it would make sense to have Jesus ascending to Heaven, and leaving his body <- metaphoric for dying and moving on. But, bleh. No flamers, please.

Next on the list. Spiderman 3- it came out May 3rd! I gloat because *official release date* is May 4th. Anyway, nothing really AWESOME, like some people say. Effects were good, fight scenes were entertaining, and I even got a bit dizzy on one, but 70% of the film was bleh. First, I don’t like Mary Jane much… movie 1 ok, movie 2 not so ok… now, just plain annoying. Gwen was just a bit of a bimbo, and I liked her more than I did MJ. *PLUS* – Bryce Dallas Howard looks weird as a blond blond. She’s too white, lol.

And what is up with Emo Spiderman? He gets Venom infected and he suddenly changes his hairstyle? Lol. Reminds me of the EVIL GOTH MUTANTS from X3. Not all people that dress in black and have messy hair style are EVIL. Oh, Venom~ Venom is cool, when you DON’T consider that Eddie Brock was a wimpy photographer… didn’t like the character. Sandman didn’t look as GREAT as Venom, but I guess his character was ok. And Harry… oh, Harry~ he was okay, I guess.

Biggest turn-off: Peter “John Travolta” Parker.

Best part: Jameson lines, and last final battle… when we finally see Venom.

School AdHoy vi un aviso de el FX & Animation School que tiene un convenio con Alpamayo Entertainment, aquí en Lima. Y lo único que puedo decir es que me ofende como promocionan el estudio del arte de efectos especiales y animación.

Como podrán ver en mi foto rápida y editada para resaltar lo que me molesta.

. ¿Te aburren las carreras tradicionales?

. ¿No quieres esperar demasiado para ganar tu propio dinero?

YO NO ESCOGÍ MI PROFESIÓN POR EL DINERO, o por el tiempo. No escogí ser lo que soy porque me aburrían las otras profesiones. Escogí lo que soy, una diseñadora digital, porque me apasiona lo que hago. Amo el cine, amo las buenas historias, amo el arte y la comunicación. Adoro la tecnología, adoro mi computadora. Vi en mi profesión la oportunidad de trabajar en proyectos que me hacen feliz.

Verdaderamente,¿qué es lo que representa esta publicidad? Lo veo cómo una búsqueda de gente que no tiene pasión, y que solo busca una respuesta fácil que le proporcionará dinero.¿Por qué no llamar a la gente que ya tiene una pasión? Ya sea por el cine, por los dibujos animados, la computación o el arte en general.

Si queremos mejorar la calidad de la animación peruana, no podemos apoyarnos en la parte económica de este arte, sino por la pasión. ¿Creen ustedes que Martin Scorsese dirige películas porque le aburría su carrera, o porque quería ganar dinero? ¿Acaso George Lucas revolucionó la ciencia ficción con Star Wars porque sabía que era buen negocio?

El caso de Lucas fue documentado en un pequeño especial de Star Wars, donde habla de como entró en la industria. Su pasión por la filosofía y los estudios de Joseph Campbell saltan a la vista en la historia y el universo de los Skywalkers. El padre de Lucas le dijo que moriría de hambre como cineasta, y que volvería a vender artículos de oficina en un tiempo, pero a George no le importó. Tenía pasión. Ahora se pudre en plata.

Los peruanos debemos de dejar de llamar al arte de la animación y efectos especiales – al igual que carreras como diseño gráfico o cineasta – “una salida fácil” para los que no “quieren ser abogados o doctores,” porque para esto se necesita talento y pasión. De otra manera, solo llegaremos a la meta de mediocridad.

. ¿Te gusta el dibujo y la pintura?

. ¿Te pasas las horas de clases creando personajes únicos?

. ¿Te fascina el arte del cine?

. ¿Te pasas en la computadora leyendo lo último en software y hardware?

Tal vez estés loco por una carrera en Animación y Efectos Especiales…

Así es como un aviso promocionando carreras debería ser. Y en caso de que Alpamayo Entertainment lea esto, les sugiero también implementar cursos de “creative thinking” para que sus alumnos no sean solo “técnicos,” sino que también puedan pensar y dar ideas al crear historias y tramas innovadoras.

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