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Fan-made video! And new video posting testing!! LOL

First, a little about the video.

I began this… when this episode (Lucky Thirteen) aired back in Oct. 2008 – so it’s been sitting on my computer forever. I worked on it one weekend, and sort of left it there – until this weekend. I’ve begun working on another music video (on a less fan-made side) and thought I should at least finish this one.

I found Thirteen (I refuse to call her Dr. Hadley or Remy LOL) interesting from the beginning. It was a certain spark, and well… Olivia Wilde is pretty hot – which my friend Mob would be glad to agree on. And I also have to say that I’ve always found Foreman boring, so Foreteen makes me roll my eyes.

That aside… the song is by Hanson from The Walk, and it immediately brought images of Thirteen and her out-of-control behavior, so I just had to do it.

On a rant side… YouTube has removed already 2 of my fan-made videos, and I’m expecting them to remove the ones that are left, so I’m now forced to not use it. So please help out by linking back to this site =D

Me in Numerology~

June 16, 2009 — 2 Comments

Someone I know did one of those silly FB test application things on numerology, which made me revisit mine. As you probably know, I did a bit of numerology back in my fandom years – which was pretty accurate, if I may say so~

Anyway, here is mine as a quick result ;)
with links after the break, so you can quickie check yours too~

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Does that say enough to you? Really, read the editor’s note. Lots of things on this new issue… new problems, new films, new music…

Reviews of films from the blockbuster season… Star Trek, Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, Up~~~ Brothers Bloom. Short film reviews, concert reviews… of Kiss in Lima. Music reviews of The Sounds, Green Day, Shiina Ringo… a bunch of K-pop courtesy of Julz~~~ off you go to Japan!!! WOOOOO – there’s Life on Mars, House M.D. and my more “professional” review of Yu Aoi’s Portugirl.


Head over here.


Freaking bouncers… *note to self* always kick around to get a photographing wristband so bouncers don’t bug. I went to shoot Brett Anderson last night, and well – I actually had never heard of him before I heard he was coming over.

It was pretty good… though I liked the guitarist better. LOL – He was a great subject tonight, and his shots are some of my favorite of the night… which is running long. I really need to go to sleep, but I wanted to post the set =D

I’m sorry I couldn’t get a clear shot of the drummer… no lights pointing at him whatsoever!

and~~~ I dunno why I like this shot so much. xD


Well, it’s half of 2009 already! CRAP!

Last month I did a 50-post month! One up from the record of 49, LOL.

It’s begun to be a bit chilly on this side of the world, and well… let’s say it’s hard to get out of a warm cozy bed. Also, I will be doing a bit more photographing *crosses fingers* from this point forward. I’m excited about that~

Also, I got bored of my French. *sighs* Marion should really come up with a new French movie, LOL. How do I get out of this business? Or someone please! Begin commenting in some French so I can get into it again…

Also, I still need money. LOL – Oh shit, and I should really call Canada Trust to figure out the business with my credit card. *sighs* things are supposed to be easy when getting your credit card, why does snail mail suck so much?

Also, YAM 004 – it’s coming in some short two-weeks time give or take. This one’s been a tough issue, I need a bump of energy on that too. YAM cannot DIE in just 4 issues. I will make it happen~~~ I just need something to get me by until next award season.

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