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So coming month… what to watch?? Forgive if times are funky, blame the cable mag for that…

Yu Aoi will be on cable this month!!! With a showing of Hana & Alice, as well as Hula Girls!!!

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Message in a Post-it!

November 22, 2008 — 2 Comments

Look what I found. ^^

Messages in Post-its

I love post-its~ I ran out of them two weeks ago, and bought another brand coz they didn’t have 3M ones, but they don’t stick. So post-its MUST BE 3M. When I was at school I used to leave post-its in my friends’ computers, and they left them on mine too. ^^

Amy wants a post-it project now! Would you write/send/leave a post-it message for her? xD

The ‘hemma’ project

November 15, 2008 — Leave a comment

My friend YoungDoo (Ydoo for short xD) has a really interesting project going on. I will let her explain herself

whenever my friends go on trips to their homes/ home towns/ home countries, i send my camera, Rollei XF 35, with them and have them to save their memories of home/ people to share with me.

none of the photos of ‘hemma’ project will be taken by me, however, i think the concept really works and i can’t wait to see more of my friends’ homes/ home towns/ home countries through their eyes.

^^ ~ Here is the slideshow!

or should I say… if you don’t know her, but want to know more about her… here’s some videos. I was telling my friend about Margaret Cho after she sent me a link to a video I had seen in 2006 of another comedian. The video IS kind of funny, but it can only be funny a number of times. So I thought I would suggest other comedians to her, but she either doesn’t enjoy Margaret Cho’s humor… or she didn’t find a very good clip.

I understand there might be people who will find Cho’s humor an acquired taste, but I literally laugh myself to tears… especially when Cho does impersonations of her mom. If I had a cellphone (yeah, haven’t bought a replacement xD) I would use Cho’s mom’s impersonation “pick up the phone” as a ringtone xD

Anyway, videos after the break…

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I know, my sucky last post that begun as a notification of less buying, turned into reporting that Anna Tsuchiya will (or was) on this week’s TalkAsia. If my calculations were correct, it aired today at 8AM, when I wasn’t really up yet… so I’ll be catching it tomorrow at 8PM instead.

If I don’t get to catch it, I will try to see it online… just like I miss Jay Chou, I thought maybe some of you were looking for some missed editions… so I’m posting the TalkAsia with Jay Chou, Bi (Rain) and Lee-Hom Wang that I found…

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