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Sighs~ July…

July 1, 2009 — Leave a comment

Wow, time does fly.

Julz should be heading or already be in Korea by now. She’s got me all fuzzed over the things she said she’s got for me. I got all giddy ‘coz she said she’d been watching a couple of episodes of Dr. Koto’s Clinic, which they are re-broadcasting this week… I’m also watching the episodes (currently on episode 7) pretending (almost) that I’m there to watch. LOL’ – But it’s been 3 years since the broadcast (and upload) and there are still no subs, though SARS fansubs did announce not long ago that they were doing it, so I’m looking forward to that.

I also found a couple more Chinese musicians and groups… and now, NOW! I’ve got more Chinese music than Japanese… which, to tell you the truth, baffles me a little. So now I need to find some more Japanese music – and just for fun… I thought I would mention that I was singing SNSD’s Gee yesterday… god knows why!?! Geez~ – you can laugh now.

I feel I’m lacking Korean music… none other than Seo Taiji.


Does that say enough to you? Really, read the editor’s note. Lots of things on this new issue… new problems, new films, new music…

Reviews of films from the blockbuster season… Star Trek, Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, Up~~~ Brothers Bloom. Short film reviews, concert reviews… of Kiss in Lima. Music reviews of The Sounds, Green Day, Shiina Ringo… a bunch of K-pop courtesy of Julz~~~ off you go to Japan!!! WOOOOO – there’s Life on Mars, House M.D. and my more “professional” review of Yu Aoi’s Portugirl.


Head over here.

Didn’t watch too many films either… I did re-watch some though, with subs or just plain re-watching. I still haven’t made it to 20 films released in 2009 though… I’m getting worried how my Experiment Awards will do, if I can’t even made it to my own voting rules. LOL

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I can’t remember the last time I did a music backup, and that’s a bit worrying… but not as worrying as the last time I made a backup of everything else. That’s another scary subject. I’m here to show you how neat is my iTunes library~~~

iTunes Library - June05 '09

See? Neat~~~ almost everything with a cover, but that’s because I ripped that from a YouTube video, which is lame… but I couldn’t find a proper mp3 of Sedated by the Young @ Heart Chorus. Do you know where can I get it?

Then… circled albums are the ones I don’t own, and want to buy physically… the ones marked with a “2” means I would be thinking of getting them physically as well. I really, really have fallen in love with the Hana & Alice OST, it goes with liking the film more and more.

The rest, as you can see is filled with Chris Lee, Coeur de Pirate, David Tao, Dirty Projectors, Green Day, The Sounds, St. Vincent, La Patere Rose etc etc… Shiina Ringo, Seo Taiji. When is Seo Taiji’s 8th album coming out??? I’ve been waiting for it since October last year – I remember because I was complaning too many albums coming on Oct/Nov.

I know I’m often unkind to dubbing – right?? – but I particularly think Disney does a decent job at doing multilanguage version of their musically-animated films… perhaps not actual full films, but their musical sequences. I was watching a Russian animated short that linked me to the Russian-dubbed version of the Halloween song on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I particularly think the Russian dub has a lot of personality, and kinda scarier vibe~~~ and, what do you think of the Japanese dub of Halloween? Kore wa HAROUIN~~~ xD

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