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Gosh~ I was so unwilling to add Shia LaBeouf, but I know I must suck up my subjectivity, and just freaking add him despite me not really liking him. He’s pretty annoying when he talks (after all, he’s one of those new generation Disney kids), but I’ve watched a couple of his films, and yeah… whatever, he’s got 2 franchise under his belt.

Shia LaBeouf

So why is he on my #7 spot, if I hate him so much? Some small reasons. The first, he was on A Guide to Recognizing your Saints. And he’s also showing up on New York, I Love You — but at this point who isn’t, right? Anyway, those two movie choices tell me that he is willing to do something else, and given that Hollywood seems to love him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s receiving every script that’s on the market. Huge possibilities right there~~~

Oh, Jamie, Jamie Jamie. You were Billy Elliot, I had a huge crush on you – I think you dated Evan Rachel Wood, and also pissed away your charisma by saying you didn’t wanna do a film related to a musical ever, unless it’s something like Moulin Rouge! 2 — which is in itself a very bad idea. With all of that, I still find his projects interesting and this is why I’ve put him on my #8.


First he did Billy Elliot, then he got to work on a written-by Lars Von Trier project, which puts him very high on the pretty cool career choices list. Then he worked on The Chumscrubber, and later on Hallam Foe (aka. Mister Foe) which was another pretty interesting choice of role.
He even worked with Clint Eastwood~~~

So now how about taking back that thing about musicals, and show you’re not afraid of getting pinned as a dancer and “light-hearted” entertainment. I know you’d be brilliant in Cabaret. LOL

Continuing with the guys’ countdown – on #9, Hayato Ichihara!
Again, he is not known outside the Japanese film/drama watchers, but if you really wanna get cracking just watch All About Lily Chou Chou to see why you need to keep on watching what roles he is willing to choose.

Hayato Ichihara

Now, I haven’t seen Hayato in much as of lately, other than that Jounetsu interview they did this year. However, I know how well that program worked for #2 The 20 to Watch fellow actress Yu Aoi. So the fact that they are doing one on him now should probably tells us something~~~

He’s won Best Newcomer in 2004 for his role on Worst by Chance, playing a guy that must learn how to deal with the stigma of being half Japanese and half Korean. The fact that he chose to work on this film, and All About Lily Chou Chou should already make you curious what other stuff he would like to choose given the opportunity. Of course, it also helps that he has that aura that exudes boyish charm (even if his character is a total klutz) like in the film Rainbow Song. So be sure to watch his films!

So let’s begin with some of the guys, whom I must say were a lot harder to spot. Even in my final list, I feel maybe I could have done a little bit better. Let’s just hope the guys step it up, right?

On the #10 position!!!
Anton Yelchin~~~

Anton Yelchin

Yelchin has already been spotted before in this blog – it is no small feature to have shared the screen with actors like Anthony Hopkins, and Morgan Freeman~~~ He’s also appearing on a segment of New York, I Love You (alongside James Caan, Blake Lively, and fellow The 20 to Watch actress Olivia Thirlby). Add to that, small roles on the Terminator and Star Trek franchises, and I’m pretty much sold.

Plus, he’s been directed by, and sharing the screen with Jodie Foster now.
And he’s only freaking 20 years old~~~

So I’ve already named 5 of the Top10 actresses between the ages of 20-25 that you should be watching until they turn 30… because, you know~ hitting 30, there should be a re-evaluation xD – I will be showing my picks of 5 actors… which will be more of a surprise/discussion~~~

Anyway! On the #8 position, there’s Olivia Thirlby.

Olivia Thirlby

Were you expecting me to name Thirlby? I hope you didn’t because, frankly, I recently saw a list of Hottest 25 Stars under 25… and I felt underwhelmed. Anyway…

Olivia is a New Yorker born in 1986. She’s trained in theater (apparently loads of Shakespeare), and well… You may know her as the totally boss friend of Juno *tsk tsk* but she was also the off-beat friend on Snow Angels. It was a small role, but it did its job to call my attention.

She’s also on the Natalie Portman short film, Eve… as well as New York, I Love You – which I’ve still to see, but are both great opportunities.

You might think that’s not much, right? But  come on! It’s a lot for being #8 on the list, and I’m sure there’s still much to come! We just have to wait and see, and hope that filmmakers look past the “hot of the moment” trend. She totally deserves more attention.

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