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So just a few minutes ago, I put on my Hana & Alice DVD, because I felt like watching something silly about nothing at all… meaning it couldn’t be a film, because I would have to pay close attention to it. This is my 2nd time watching the Making Of, and it’s serious but kinda funny. Well, apparently Japanese edition, and Taiwan edition have different Making Of’s – Well, I only could find clips on them on YouTube (JapPart9, JapPart15, TwClip) – the Japanese ones are pretty funny…

I’m trying to rip a clip of my own, but it seems to take forever without SmartRipper. LOL’ Will get back to you with that later on this post… in the meantime – Well, just wait!

Marit… but I want more. xD

Are you listening to Marit’s songs? She just released This is Me, This is You on her MySpace, and there’s a new video…  Marit Larsen!! Sin nya singel!! xD “I’ve Heard your Love Songs”

Kawaii desuNE! xD

I don’t get NBC (not anymore since 2000, I think), so I just watched. Did you watch? Amy Poehler is always Hillary Clinton’s gold, but Tina Fey just nailed Sarah Palin. LOL’ Just watch the clip~

If the video is not loading, you can try opening Tudou directly.

Because I did. Malditos promotores! How on earth am I supposed to find out people are coming if you don’t bombard me with printed stuff on magazines, newspapers, cable commercials, or even a pityful data addition at Eventful. Continue Reading…

This might be old news to some, but it’s news to me… and the more people blog about it, the better~ I just read over at Marit’s MySpace that her 2nd studio album as a solo is almost done and that it will be called “The Chase”. The first single is already up on her profile, and it’s called “If a Song Could Get Me You“.

I love her music! So head over there and give it a listen if you haven’t heard her music~ Such a fusion of magical sounding pop with a folk countrish vibe. She’s got an innocent sweet soudning voice that mixes well~~ xD And you know, her last album (her solo debut, “Under the Surface”) was great… and even too short an album! Whenever I put it on my disc player, I have to repeat it at least 3 times. xD

Anyway~~~ to top it all off, Marit has also posted 3 home-made video versions of the song… one on the train, the other on a green grocery store, and one last walking through escalators in a subway station.

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